Market Hero Review 2019


Market Hero Review 2019 – Is Market Hero created by Alex Becker the best email marketing software of 2019? This review provides the answer.

There is no shortage of email marketing tools available in the marketplace, which should come as no surprise considering that email marketing remains one of the most prevalent internet marketing strategies around. These tools range from legacy services such as MailChimp, Aweber and Active Campaign to newer and highly differentiated ones like Market Hero.

But first, the million dollar question: is email marketing still relevant in the modern era of social media, Big Data and artificial intelligence? If in doubt, here is what you need to know:

Why Email Marketing?

Despite being one of the oldest digital marketing tools, email marketing remains alive, thanks to its elegant simplicity, versatility, superior targeting ability and overall effectiveness. 95% of marketers use email as part of their marketing mix compared to 93% who use social marketing and 88% who employ organic search strategies.

There are a couple of solid reasons why email marketing remains a top marketing channel even in the social media age. First off is the ubiquity of email, with 85% of adults in the U.S. regularly reading or sending email compared to 70% who use search engines for information and 63% who connect via social networks. Secondly (and probably the most important) is the ability of email marketing to deliver results: a Get Response study has revealed that email marketing delivers the best ROI compared to other digital marketing channels with 69% of marketers rating it as either ‘Good’ or ‘Excellent’ compared to 59% for second-placed content marketing and 51% for social media.

To be fair, quick-blip comments and brief answers are usually apropos for social media. But matters of substance, plans for events, endeavors or discussing matters much more complex than a simple emoji require an email. That’s the reason why email remains the killer app and email marketing will continue to deliver the kind of results that marketers crave.

With a deluge of email marketing services, marketers are constantly searching for one tool that will give them a much-needed edge over competitors. But many end up coming up short because most email marketing tools are little more than glitzy and impersonal mass-emailing systems that employ a scattergun approach and often don’t work as advertised. Most are not specifically built with email marketing in mind; offer little or no clarity on important metrics such as the long-term value of a customer thus ignoring Jay Abram’s admonition that failure to measure your business’ growth metrics means you are merely a tactical marketer.

This is exactly where Market Hero shines.

Unbiased Market Hero Review

Market Hero is standalone email autoresponder and marketing service that was started by renowned email marketer and serial entrepreneur Alex Becker, founder of SourceWave and author of best-seller ‘The 10 Pillars of Wealth: Mind-Sets of the World’s Richest People.’

Market Hero does the basics of creating forms, sending emails, and build marketing automations really well but stands out from everyone else mainly because of its growing reputation as the “world’s best revenue-centric autoresponder” that lets you generate more revenue from your existing leads.

Let’s dive into the real reasons why the product stands out from the current crop of email marketing tools.

Unique Features:

  1. Attractive and Easy-to-Use Interface

The guys who built Market Hero did a fantastic job of striking the right balance between form and function. Market Hero features a really cool, intuitive and user-friendly User Interface. The dashboard is well-designed and free from clutter, featuring easy-to-read metrics such as Daily Stats (opt-ins, total CTR, total clicks and total opens), Latest Broadcasts and Sales Profits. The autoresponder is actually easier to use than older alternatives including MailC himp, BenchMark, ConstantContact, ActiveCampaign and CampaignMonitor.

Once you purchase the product, you will be directed to a 4-part on-boarding section in the form of short videos that take about 10 minutes to watch.

Once you get past the orientation, you are now ready to dive into the nitty gritty of what the software actually offers.

  1. Sales-centric System

The single most important feature that distinguishes this amazing autoresponder from run-of-the-mill autoresponders is the fully integrated lead collection and auto follow-up system that lets you collect leads on your website and nurture those leads all from the same platform.

Marketers usually use marketing automation tools like MailChimp, ActiveCampaign and InterCom to collect leads then use different tools to track conversions on every sale made and stitch everything together. Market Hero combines both functions into a single platform, with the auto follow-up system allowing you to build rapport and strong relationships with your email list thus allowing you to target potential customers with products and services that resonate with them.

This is important on several levels. First, it allows the marketer to deliver content that is highly relevant to their leads thus enabling high conversion and retention rates. A 2017 study by customer engagement solutions company, The Engage Hub, revealed that 90 percent of British consumers unsubscribed from a retailer’s mailing list over the past year with half citing impersonal and excessive emails.

Secondly, it saves markets both time and money. Using sales funnel builders like ClickFunnels and LeadPages to market, sell and deliver products online is both expensive and time-consuming. Market Hero combines both functions into a single platform thus saving you time and money. While you can’t sell products directly on Market Hero, you can automatically setup your opt-in boxes using the tool’s inside features and clickable link boxes that allow you to easily grow your email list.

  1. Advanced ROI Tracking and Email Optimization System

Market Hero is the ONLY email autoresponder service that allows you to track conversions and sales on the same platform. The tool helps you track who bought your products using tags integrated into the platform. This allows you to easily calculate total lead value over the long-term including dollar value per lead and optimize your emails to generate the highest possible ROI from your leads.

The product features an embed button that allows you to split-test your sales funnels and narrow down on your best converting sales copy or headline. Split testing can allow considerable revenue gains in a relatively short amount of time. You can tag people on your list based on their response and create a separate bucket that allows you to run special campaigns for your most promising leads or create a new broadcast for your unopened subscribers. Actually, it allows you to segment your list in far more diverse ways that what an average autoresponder is capable of.

  1. Import leads from other autoresponders

If you are already using another autoresponder, you can seamlessly import your leads into Market Hero using a CVS file. One thing about this particular autoresponder is that it first verifies that all your leads have opted in to avoid creating dead-end lists.

  1. Data confidentiality

Some people might feel jittery about uploading their email lists on an autoresponder due to concerns regarding data privacy and confidentiality. With this autoresponder, you have 100% guarantee that your email lists are safe because the platform is legally bound not to email or share them with anybody.

Plans and Pricing

There is an eight-tier subscription plan with varying pricing depending on the number of connections as follows:

• $19/month for 1k connections
• $49/month for 3k connections
• $79/month for 7.5k connections
• $129/month for 10k connections
• $299/month for 25k connections
• $549/month for 50k connections
• $800/month for 75k connections
• $950/month for 100k connections

Enterprise plans start at $1,354 for 150K connections on the low end to $4,510 for 500k connections at the high end.

Considering the incredible value proposition offered by this product, it seems like very fair pricing. For instance, sendinblue plans start at $25/month for 500-1,000 contacts, MailChimp charges $15/month, BenchMark $21.99, and Campaign Monitor $29 for a similar number of contacts but offer much less value.


In a world where 95 percent of marketers are still using the same old tools that bear different names but are mostly similar under the hood, gaining an edge becomes an uphill task. That’s why it makes sense to become part of a growing clique of smart marketers that are switching to Market Hero’s highly targeted tools capable of generating more revenue from the same amount of leads.


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